Ivo Baron: Active Fault Kinematic Behavior: Experience gained from observing fault microdisplacements in caves in the Eastern Alps

Fachvorträge Wien
14. Januar 2020 15:00
Geologische Bundesanstalt, Wien

Vortragssaal der GBA, Neulinggasse 38, 1030 Wien

Understanding present-day crustal processes is a key issue for estimating earthquake hazard. Can faults with evidences of recent offset reveal the Earth-crust dynamics? Usually, the seismotectonic observations are restricted to geologically documenting past fault reactivations, seismological methods, application of uni- and multi-component strainmeters and tiltmeters, measuring remotely-sensed horizontal components of regional ground-surface deformation by GNSS or the vertical component by satellite radar interferometry. None of these approaches, however, can fully describe present-day kinematic behavior of particular active faults. Therefore, a network of high-resolution 3D opto-mechanical extensometers TM71 was established in 2013 at seven active faults in the Eastern Alps. Can we now have a better insight into the shallow-crustal processes, stress variations and their interplay with local seismicity?


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  • 14. Januar 2020 15:00

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